Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The Labour of the Translator. The Labour of the Interpreter.
    The Translator is a professional of languages. He has a very good level of that foreign language, without needing to be bilingual. He has capacity and technique enough to give a high quality final product.
    The Interpreter carries the same labour, but orally.
    The Official or Sworn Translator-Interpreter is also able to sign and legalise the translation done in order to show it at the requested place.
  2. When is it required a Sworn or Official Translation?
    When it is required to show foreign documents at national private or official organisms, they normally ask to be accompanied by an Official Translation. An Official Translation is a translation where the Translator works as authorised person throughout his signature and stamp.
    The same happens when it concerns national documents to be shown at foreign countries.
  3. Why to choose an Official Translator?
    A Translator is not only a person who speaks fluently any foreign language. A Translator is also someone who perfectly knows the techniques of translation and he is used to work with them, being able to create a final product at the same level of the original and as valid as the original for the purpose required.
  4. What is a Sworn Translation?
    A Sworn Translation is an Official Translation, supported by the stamp and signature of an Official or Sworn Translator, named by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to develop this activity.
    In an Official or Sworn Translation everything is translated: seals, annotations, etc.
  5. How can I engage a Sworn Translation with you?
    For engaging a translation, you can contact me by e-mail ( or by phone (34)91.323.93.88 or (+34)605.52.45.99.
    Normally, you should send me a scanned copy of the document to be translated in order to quote. It can be requested the original documents at the moment of delivery or before for verification purposes. Once we have agreed the conditions the translation is done and sent.
    In Madrid and in Ciudad Real the delivery may be agreed in hand.
    For engaging an interpreting, please contact me by e-mail or by phone for checking the availability.

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