Throughout this web page I will try to introduce myself, to talk to you a little bit about the profession of the Translator and Interpreter, inform you when is it required an Official or Sworn Translation and even explain to you how to choose a professional Translator.

I did my Degree on Translation and Interpreting in the University of Granada, great city, by the way. I had my specialisation on English Translation and after finishing my Studies I also got the Diploma as Sworn Translator, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Then, I continued with my professional training, and I studied a Master on Conference Interpreting, Simultaneous and Consecutive.

To be honest, since 2003 I strongly work, mainly as freelance translator, but when the opportunity shows I do make some interpreting, such as in working meetings, Courts, congresses, etc.

My working languages are English and French but, by the moment, I am only authorised by the Ministry to do Sworn Translation with the pair of languages of English<>Spanish.

I also took my first steps with Italian and German.

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